Welcome to Pearsall Training & Consultancy

Pearsall Training & Consultancy provides fast track welder training at all levels from basic start-up to advanced. Our qualified and highly experienced personnel deliver Welder Training & Testing ( also referred to as Welder Coding) to include Job Knowledge if required, either on or off site.

All of our training courses can be specifically designed to suit the needs and structure of your organisation. This ensures that every member of your staff develops the skills to carry out welding tasks competently and to the required standards, thus satisfying the requirements of your customers and your insurance company.

Pearsall Training & Consultancy offers a wide range of Welder Coding / Qualification & Weld Procedures to:

  • BS EN 287-1:2011 Welder Approval
  • BS EN ISO 9606
  • BS 4872
  • BS EN ISO 15614

We are also one of the only welder training organisations to offer training and qualification to:

  • BS ISO 24394:2008 Aerospace Standard

This internationally recognised standard (with mandatory Job Knowledge) will be adopted by all those involved in aerospace welding applications. It will serve as a common denominator, eventually replacing the many varied Weld Procedure and Welder Approval tests currently used by differing countries and companies within the industry.

To discuss your requirements give us a call on 01905 640886, we are always happy to help!

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